The modern districts of Quito are dynamic and cosmopolitan, with loads of attractions, museums, restaurants, parks, shops and markets to keep the visitor entertained. 

The faithful emerald green slopes of the Pichincha Volcano watch over a city that fills the valley below, an ever-expanding Andean metropolis at 2,800 metres above sea level. Quito is a true mix of old and new, an eclectic blend of the past and the present, where colonial churches rub shoulders with art deco mansions, where glass and steel contrast with stone, brick and mortar. 

The modern city of Quito lies to the north of the old town, which, when confronted with the apartment blocks, motorways, shopping malls and sophistication of cosmopolitan Quito, at times seems little more than a memory of another era. 

This modern city boasts outstanding national and international cuisine, first-class hotels, craft markets, modern malls, captivating museums, spacious parks, spectacular shows and some of the best nightlife Latin America has to offer. 
With its geographic and cultural diversity, Quito isn’t one city, or even two, but many – all waiting to be discovered.